Concep’s Universe

Concep’s universe welcomes us warmly with a sense of esthetic where lights and shadow, textures, and colours combine to inspire us, and to draw us into her world where we can let our dreams thrive. 
Her jewelry avoids excess of superfluous vanity, and entres into the deeper terrain of our feelings. Beauty and natural sophistication stand out with authentic esthetics that reflect a Mediterranean warmth and sensitivity. 
Her jewelry is for everyday wear as well as for special occasions they bring us the magic memories of the best of life’s emotions. 
The necklaces embrace you, the bracelets enfold you, and the earrings whisper to us of small things that allow us to dream and feel our existence. 
Her sculptures which are made of curved, folded, and twisted iron, form feminine and organic figures and shapes. All her works reflect ongoing transformation, the sensual waves of the Mediterranean, and harmonious movement. 
She works with oxidized patinas, gold, gold leaf, and varnish, giving her work confidence and warmth. 
Her light sculptures are created so that we can move the different parts, making them truly unique, and allowing the play of shadows on the surrounding surfaces to intrigue us. 
She trained at Escola Massana in Barcelona, at the School of Geology in the University of Barcelona, at Revere Academy of San Francisco, Atre Soto in Florence and in Sain Martin’s School of Art in London. 

Her collections have been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Begur, Zaragoza and in Palma de Mallorca.

“When reality imprisons me,
I submerge myself in the universe of my creations, and that’s where I find freedom.”

© Copyright Concep Gual 2017